Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good Gaming Blog Goes on the Road

I'm going to be out of town for an unknown period of time on a job . . . sadly, you won't be coming with me. Until I get back, read up on some of the local flavors in the blogosphere and I'll try to update when I get there:

A Divine Wind
: Great blog from Kamikaze Midget over at ENWorld. Kamikaze is working on a port of Final Fantasy using 3 & 4e styles . . . the project is coming out great. Check out his Starter characters, or the Freelancer class preview.

Tome and Tomb: Has a lame name and is working on organization, but good times overall. New blog that is working on itself.

Worlds in a Handful of Dice: Good work by NiTessine as cited in the last article. Had a little controversy a bit back as a 4e tester who didn't like 4e. Oh nos!

Jonathan Drain's Blog: Provides a hell of a lot of great sources, and since I'll be out I linked you to his "Friday Link Adventure" for this week so you double your pleasure and fun.

Gotta get going, so enjoy yourselves and don't wreck the furnishings...



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