Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Gaming Gazetteer: A Brief History of the City of Parlinia, the Order of Service, and the Servitors

Parlinia, the Asylum City of the Old Empire, sits on a wide plateau atop the Orphan’s Table, a great mesa in the middle of the region known as the Old Empire. The city’s agriculture is tended in fields below the mesa known as the Parlis, and the city’s water needs are handled by drawing upon the deep wells placed centuries ago when Parlinia was the seat of the Imperial Seal, the predecessor to the Imperial Library. These wells support the ‘upper’ region of the city, while the lower region is criss-crossed with irrigation canals which draw from the two Rivers of Kinda (the Lesser and Greater Kinda). Parlinia’s primary imports are refugees and materials from the southern nations of the continent, while its main exports are magical items, grain, Qishi and other medicines/narcotics, and the services provided by those known as Servitors.

Parlinian politics are controlled by a localized hegemony created by the Order of Service. The Order was created due to necessity and through Imperial policy. During a crisis in the former state of Central Naschia an influx of refugees in the tens of thousands entered into the Old Empire. Parlinia, then a bustling metropolis focused on the production of armaments, was militarily decommissioned by the Emperor and converted through funds into a ‘collective camp for tramps and others who lack a loyal country’. The influx of Imperial gems and work groups helped to create the great buildings known as the Dens, dug into the northern side of the mesa, and the Stacks, a series of high-rise buildings (6-8 stories) which concentrated refugees under livable but uncomfortable conditions.

After Central Naschia’s fall an Order was granted by the Sorcerers Imperial (a senatorial body In the capital of the Empire) to grant conditional citizenship to any mystics or trained military officers who were currently in Parlinian care, and the right to earn conditional citizenship ‘In a way seen fit by an Organization to be Formed under the Auspices of Service to the Empire’ to any untrained or mundane individuals. Argen Carlindas, a scout in the Imperial Reserve and current arbiter and master for the Central Naschian refugee camps put into place the system of Servitors and the Order of Service.

A Servitor is one who signs up to train in a military, agricultural, or other service field somewhere in the Imperial State of Ostar. Service terms vary depending on the task; 5 years of military service, 10 years of agricultural service, and 15 in any other field will earn citizenship. Children over the age of 13 may be placed into the agricultural or service corps, but only those who are considered adults by their culture may place themselves into military service.

Groups of refugees come and go; currently Parlinia has 35,000 inactive refugees, 5,000 ‘citizen refugees’, and 10,000 active Servitors. These Servitors are mostly focused in Agriculture, and are spread out across the wide expanse of the Parlis repairing irrigation canals, bringing in crops, and fertilizing the lands which they tend. Parlinian guards demographics are 80% Servitor, and most of those who live in Parlinia have contact with refugees on a daily basis.

However, those refugees who are without Servitor status do have reduced rights. Those who refuse the Order of Service are not allowed to own or manage property; these individuals are actively encouraged to return immediately to their given locations as soon as is possible. Inactive refugees who give birth to children within the confines of Parlinian control are required to give over their children to the service of another organization known as the Orphan’s Guard.

The secrets of the Orphan’s Guard, and other Parlinian organizations will be discussed in the next entry.

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