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Good Gaming Gazetteer: City of Parlinia Introduction

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This is the Introduction to the City of Parlinia and the thought experiment behind the Imperial States of Ostar. Ostar was a popular locale in one of my old campaign settings; a powerful imperial magocracy which has served as boon and bane to many groups passing through the setting. With that introduction let's take a look at some of the basics of the Imperial States.

The following my be assumed of the Imperial States of Ostar:

- The Ostari magocracy's ruling class is made of patrilinearally successive meritocratic posts assigned through the auspices of the ruling house. Many of the provincial lords have large attached families; the Emperor himself is polyamorous, accepting the 'gift of company' from those up-and-coming socialites who want to possibly be the Bearer Imperial to the latest heir.

- The Ostari magocracy embraces all cultures: from the nomadic horse tribes of the Mescari to the quick brutal magic of the Zajahran, Ostari envoys recruit those who wish to defect from their current holdings. Highly talented mystics may gain land grants or access to Imperial holdings for their service to the Empire, and young talents are granted the right to attend Imperial trainings.

- The Ostari believe in a form of mystic mercantilism brought about by the state sponsored philosophy known as the Great Wheel. Ostari merchants are taught to seek magic items and mystic talent on their tours, and that there is only a limited amount of talent which can be gained by the state, and that the Emperor will be well-pleased to possess all of the magic talent in the world if possible.

- The Ostari separate the mystic from the mundane; provinces in the Old Empire, mostly filled with refugees and those who were pensioned in the military do not gain as much Imperial assistance. Though it would be rare to find an outpost without everburning torches or at least one well-outfitted weatherwork, the Empire will not 'waste resources' to protect a Mundane location if a city of mystics is also in danger.

- The Imperial Forces are well-supplied and outfitted for their use. The Great Battlements, powerful sites of Imperial prestige, are found in great cities. Even the smallest outpost will find some bureaucrat with basic mystic talents there to deal with the Greater Good.


Considering all of this basic information I will be presenting the City of Parlinia. A city which would be considered a bustling metropolis outside of Ostar, it is the fifth largest city of Ostar. A stable population hovering around 56,000 exists in the city proper, but the more interesting aspect of Parlinia is the specific need it serves in the Imperial architecture.

Parlinia is an asylum city. Any willing to hire on to become part of the Parlinian Order of Service may gain Ostari citizenship, but the costs of the Order can be great. The next post will go in-depth on Parlinia, the Order, and its place in the Ostari hierarchy.


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