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Good Gaming Gazetteer: Parlinian NPCs.

Good Gaming Gazetteer: Parlinian NPCs.

After some discussions with individuals on the #enworld chatroom on the Otherworlders network, I decided to do a basic rundown of NPCs in the area, which could be used for your games (if you decide to use any of this information). I will put up 'suggested' stats and classes for the NPCs; these are up to your discretion of course. I believe that truly good NPCs have nothing to do with the stats, and thus I use some choices which would be considered odd to represent certain characters.


The setting itself has very small amounts of creatures prowling around; so, like many of my games I use the creatures in various MMs and other sources more as 'kits' than as anything else. These are suggestions for your own game, and I hope they work out smashingly for you :). Servants in the setting take on the dai-(house) name in cases of noble patronage, a sign of their belonging to the House without truly being a member.

Servants of the Lords of Kinda -

Wusta dai-Calful, Talented Black Hander.

Wusta uses his powers to infiltrate and eliminate threats to the family. Talented in the arts of deception and the specific traits of the Black Handers, Wusta dai-Calful was raised from a tender age in the hands of Artin dai-Calful, leader of the house's Black Hands Guard. A child born to the Orphan's Guard and plucked from its carriage, he still exhibits some of the traits of his upbringing in the depths.

Wusta is a dark-skinned man of Zajahran descent. He was born with a talent known as Shadowshaping, and can use it to his advantage at will. Those around Wusta gain benefits from his Shadowshaping if they are attuned to his specific talents. Many suspect that this servant will replace Artin as leader within the next few years.


Wusta dai-Calful - Wusta is a special type of (monstrous) humanoid possessing 4 HD, +4 to Str, +4 to Dexterity, and +2 to Intelligence. and the abilities of a Displacer Beast. Wusta uses his skill points as appropriate to have the following progression: Rogue 2/Assassin 3/Nightsong Infiltrator X.

Wusta has the special ability Aura of Shadow or, if he has Nightsong Infiltrator 7, Improved Aura of Shadow.

Aura of Shadow
(Su) - A creature with this ability ability grants a +5 competence bonus to Hide and Move Silently Checks to allies within 20'. This ability ends when the creature is struck by another creature, attacks another creature, knocked unconscious, or would have to make a Concentration check.

Improved Aura of Shadow (Su): As Aura of Shadow, but grants a +10 competence bonus and the ability only ends when the creature is knocked unconscious.

Wusta should be treated as a CR of (3 + Class Levels) and carries items which improve his ability to infiltrate and silently dispatch targets.

Khom Yurndi, Kingpin.

Khom is an oddity; a leader amongst the families focused on battle. Khom is an imposing man, large of stature and brutal to anyone he considers 'less' than himself. He is an enormous man, and there are those who call him Giantsseed from his days as a mercenary for hire amongst the lords of Central Naschia. Few know the story behind his immense stature and the pain it caused his family.

Khom's family was cursed by the Witch of Cowl Mountain to bear a child who would tear the family apart every generation until they left their homeland in shame. Khom was the last of such children, and has searched the Ostari empire for a cure to his curse. Each of his attempts have failed, but his curse has not passed on to those in his line; his son Durmi has no signs of the curse.

Khom stands at nine feet tall and is broad-shouldered. A runeflesh mercenary (which will be covered in the later articles on the history of Central Naschia), Khom was 'blessed' by the Priests of Kuartani with the ability to cast devestating magics. He is slow-witted compared to many of the Kinda lords, but his efficient and brutal methods of keeping the family together make him worthwhile to many.


Khom is built using an Ogre Magi as the base, but using the Barbarian skill list for assigning skills from that base and takes the Thug fighter variant class shown in Unearthed Arcana. He loses the Change Shape ability, and replaces Flight with the ability Airwalk, and his Cone of Cold ability is treated as a 10' radius effect.

Khom chooses items which enhance his natural ability to deal damage, and has many items which allow him to spy on rival family agents.

Airwalk (Su) - As flight, but the creature must end its turn on solid ground or suffer falling damage based on the distance from ground and forfeit a move action in the next round.


Vilindos Perdin - A fat, affable bastard son of the Perdin patriarch, Vilindosi lives in opulent accomodations in a city in the New Imperial State, far from his family. Though he claims to work as an 'agent' in the family's lucrative slaving business he snubs the family as much as possible, and chooses those who he grants the privilege to purchase his wares. Few if any of his charges are kept for long, and Vilindos cycles out his 'children' as minor clerks and shopboys to local businesses, getting papers and material through contacts he developed while an adventurer.

Ebony skinned and enormous, the corpulent Vilindos has a lover in the form of the popular orator Kalindu. Those who know of this 'indiscretion' make it a point to jab the thorn into the Perdin family's side, but Vilindos also keeps a stable of talented eyes and ears as a 'harem' to satisfy custom. He is best known for his gaudy clothes and the enormous fan which he carries around, adorned in strange patterns and bright filigree and said to have come from the far reaches of Zajara.


Vilindos is a Rogue, and his fan serves to create a wind effect which can bull-rush an opponent. The fan is treated as a non-damaging attack with an Attack bonus equal to Vilindos HD + 10 (+4 from Vilindos taking Improved Bull Rush). Vilindos may also use the fan as a normal warfan if necessary, or cause a Gust of Wind effect 1/day. Vilindos may sustain this effect by spending a standard action for a number of rounds equal to his Charisma Modifier.


Ladies Cindyl, Carlyl, and Cydyl Golbel

Triplets of the Golbel line, the 'ladies' are the Golbel's connection to their ancient ancestry. Kept out of the light and promised to the trivian spirit the Golbel matriarch has taken on, the girls (aged 17) are the matriarch's one hope for change in the family.


Each 'Lady' has 3 Bard levels and has begun along their own path. Cindyl, the vainglorious one, has continued on the path of the Bard and is seeking to control and command her own fiefdom. Carlyl, dumb but domineering, has chosen the path of blood and has begun to learn to rage and become barbarous. Cydyl, the most corrupt of them, has begun to dig into ancient tomes and learn secrets of magic best left out of the waking mind.

The girls each have a suitor who was given to them upon their birth, and who serves as their 'protector'. These demons provide the girls with corrupting influences and drive the girls down their road to ruin. Each of the Ladies have taken Vile feats associated with this worship, and each has taken on a path which most suits their Protector. Cydyl's protector is an Imp Sorcerer, Cindyl's is an Erinyes (male), while Carlyl has been granted a handsome Bearded Devil as her beau. Each of these Protectors appears to be a handsome human male who fits personality with the girls perfectly and encourages their corruption fully.


A few rough-hewn NPC ideas to use at your leisure. I hope you enjoy them and as always...

Good Gaming,



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