Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the Good Gaming Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Good Gaming Blog.

I am your host, Loonook, and this is to become the new primary source for the Good Gaming Blog entries cross-posted to ENWorld's Blog Page.

I started a series of articles around 9 months ago to discuss issues I have seen in the roleplaying game community, and to help new and upcoming Dungeon Masters/Game Masters/Storytellers to realize there are other ways to produce interesting games and have game systems work for you.

The first entries will be wholesale reposting to 'populate' the blog; from there we will begin the basic blog posting. My hope is to produce at least 5 articles a week. Articles will consist of:

Good Gaming Gazetteer: Writeups for cities in various settings. These will include cities in my former house campaigns, with rough guidelines which will help you to adapt these cities to your home settings.

Good Gaming Concepts: These posts will mainly cover thought experiments around how certain ideas can be extended and shaped based on our own ideas. Ever get tired of how every D&D setting is filled with psuedo-medieval landscapes? Well, that's something we'll work on...

Good (g)Ramblin': These posts will be things which irritate, intrigue, and entice me which don't necessarily fit into our normal postings.

The Letter G is powerful, and controls this blog. Save yourselves.

I Wish you Good Gaming,



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