Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Amazing Blog Reached 1 Year A Few Days Ago...

Monsters and Manuals, a great site for good gaming, just celebrated its 1st anniversary last week. Since I've been reading the blog for awhile now, I figured I'd hip my readers to some recent topics on the site which are thoughtful and thought provoking:

-Theory of Demihumans: A lot of solid thought put into this post, with some great citations.


-A Rant on the Use(ful/less)ness of Class: Don't let the names of classes define your character (this prevents me from writing up the exact same rant again ;).

And of course The Writer's Choice for best entries of the year. None of these will disappoint :).

Give them a read; they're worth it. While I'm at it, NiTessine in the deep freezing wastes writes an amusing and amazing blog. Check his stuff out; his rants on various issues in the industry are always top-notch.

As Always, Good Gaming,



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