Friday, May 22, 2009

Children Are Our (Gaming) Future: Blog Carnival Returns to Good Gaming

Well, after tracking down the Blog Carnival at its current stop atRoleplaying Pro I found some really Interesting New writers, and of course the excellent work of Zachary over at RPGBlog2:Electric Boogaloo.

My Thoughts?

The Future of RPGs is in new blood, fresh ideas, and players who have a deep understanding of the past and present of the industry and the power of various forces. Technology (Especially the Web), and places like ENWorld and the Giant in the Playground forums both help and hinder our hobby. While they help bring together fascinating new ideas from both the crunch and fluff, they also bring about things which most roleplayers aren't fond of (character optimization, cliched settings, and places where various shady dealings occur.

The future will mean the death of some types of things; just like was once a very entertaining source of podcasting and is now just a 403 message, we may lose some resources and others may come into being which are not exactly what we want.

As good gamers we need to foster community in the next generation of roleplayers. We have to toss away some of our old ideas and embrace some new ones. The five things to improve the future of roleplaying that YOU can do include the following:

1.) Try out new systems. Yes grognards, this is pointed at some of you ;). On the other side...

2.) Bring what you love about the game out for the new breed to read. Remember that old Crazy, Odd, or even COMPLETELY INSANE setting or game that you loved? Bet some newbie may love it too.

3.) Read! I'm posting an article soon on part of my Appendix N, and I think that adding new concepts to your gaming will improve it severely.

4.) Use the New to Support Your Habit. As listed above there are many forums, blogs, and even IRC networks that have a focus around gaming. Check them out... a lot of them are worth it. I'm usually found on #enworld @ Otherworlders if you want to chat some time ;).

5.) Support your Community. Buy products, get out and run games, go to conventions.

In short... these steps will give us a future to look forward to.

Good Gaming,



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