Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Link Time! (May Redux)

EDIT: Got to post for my followers... Rob over at Groknard writes a great blog... check it out.

Oh, so many things which have started to be interesting when it comes to various pieces of gaming, or my interests... I'm going to put some links to interesting webcomics, blogs, books, and other information I'm reading which could bring you some entertaining reading...

Webcomics, General:

Penny Arcade... Always Good Times. Penny Arcade is one of those things which I would be amazed you haven't heard of... but stranger things have happened.

Sordid City Blues. Interesting webcomic from a different perspective... has nothing to do with gaming, but it is enjoyable.

Templar, Arizona Another weird comic... but gods does it have great idea. Jakes, gas masks, urban protesters, and places that sell guns, liquor and... adult products. Worth a read.

Webcomics, RPG

Nodwick and Full Frontal Nerdity Great stuff, from far in the past into the future. Must reads.

Points of Light. A great comic which rips into 4e and survives based on raw determination. Definitely worth checking out.

ErfWorld doesn't get the respect it deserves... and I'm going to change that with this. Check it out :). Of course GITP hosts Order of the Stick, which is well, well known... but again worth the mention.

This is all I have off the top of my head.



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