Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Interesting Post Roundup

Just got done with a large amount of mind-numbing work on various projects at the homestead, so I figured I would post a list of what has been keeping me relatively sane over the last few days of 3-day weekend madness.

=The Chatty DM just posted a great discussion on Dungeon Reality Shows. Definitely give some props, and your suggestions, to the pot so that these ideas could percolate and make up for an interesting setting.

=Johny Drain posts an excellent set of blog roundups on a (somewhat erratic) basis... this is going to be my 'browse while doing other things' list, but

=Groknard is throwing up his own update blogroll for those who like the SF side of the SF&F equation (especially ST) when it comes to homebrewing. It's hit or miss for the fantasy reader, but the information on Atomic Sock Monkey's PDQ is definitely worth it as it points to a great little freebie list (reposted here) that is worth checking out.

=Gnome Stew's John Arcadian andWalt Ciechanowski wrote up a great two-fer on collaborative DMing which actually gave me some insight into some entertaining possibilities when it comes to a different style of play and mastering.

Short roundup as I need to get some rest, but check these out and get back to me on anything which proves interesting.