Friday, May 22, 2009

Top 10 Roleplaying Tropes I Never Want To See Again...

10.) Scottish Dwarves/Hippie Elves/Lazy Halflings.
09.) Harry Potter Wizards
08.) Woe is Me, I'm a Demon/Vampire/Outcast.
07.) I'm a Half-breed, so I am the Product of a Sad Background.
06.) Bards Sucking.
05.) Anthropomorphic Animals With No Real Reason Behind Them.
04.) Anything Inspired by Anime.
03.) Grimdark Everything.
02.) "I am the Greatest!" NPCs (Especially DMPCs.)

And, the Number 1 Trope I am Tired Of . . .

The Dungeon. Why exactly are there immense dangerous locales shaped into the earth where creatures roam about... for no G-dly reason?



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