Monday, March 19, 2012

Great Posts This Week So Far

  • Monsters and Manuals has a post discussing the contribution of MAR Barker to the field of fantasy and RPGs in general. 
  • Beholder Pie continues with their cool ABCs of D&D with the Carrion Crawler for C.
  • NiTessine remains obsessed with hamsters.
  • Keith Davies is discussing Variants for Specialist Wizards, an offshoot of his thoughts on Guild Classes years ago.
  • Baldur's Gate is coming back! Yay! Now all we need to do is wait for Planescape . . . 
  • ENWorld is joining the bandwagon on reviewing Pathfinder's Distant Worlds.  Seems like a cool little set piece.
That's what I have read so far, but definitely not all there... I have finally gotten hold of a text to speech reader and have begun ordering my PC about.  Hope this looks good and as always,  Good Gaming!