Saturday, March 3, 2012

Legendfall: The Sword's Daughters and Wizen of the Blood

The Next Chapter of the Adventures of Jon Harrow were posted at my new blog.  I decided to post my  ideas on Sword's Daughters and the Wizen here rather than just leave them hanging out...
While the Church does not support sorcery, they know that protection from the Shadow.  To whit they utilize many mystic orders.  While some are unseen outside of the Ten Churches save during crisis the one most priests may have to deal with are the Wizen.

The Wisdoms of Blood, the Wizen are all females who utilize the strength of the sun and moon to their spells. While some cultures consider women in magic 'weak', the Wizen are more akin to blood mages though they hold to taboos to maintain within the Church. Wizen may collect blood through the menses of innocents, though the Wizen Herself is not required to maintain their virginity. They are also offered the right to collect blood through combat, as they and the Sword's Daughters are the only Orders allowed to use bladed weapons without a specialized dispensation. The Wizen handle the Fires of the Lord, and are talented in pyromancy. 

They also use the abilities of blood to form wards, powering ancient protections for the Ten Churches that were placed during times of stronger magic. They also can use the blood they gain to create Servants, a binding that can make a warrior battle for the Church to the death, and some claim, even stand even when they would have fallen through the power of the Lord's fires. 

The Sword's Daughters are the female Protectants who serve the Wizen. They go through rituals to remove their identity, though each is referred to by their title or the name Ilu (the founder of their Order). Though some choose to completely separate themselves from all feminine identity through shearing their hair and cutting their breasts, most only wear the mask of their Order, a beautiful silver mask that bears symbols to ward them from the effects of sorcery or corruption. Slainte, -Loonook.