Monday, March 19, 2012

A New Adventure Path?

So I have decided to take a little break due to a concussion... This is being typed using a voice-to-text program and assisted through a friend in editing so pardon any dust. I have been inspired by this thread over at ENWorld. I recalled a discussion I once had at a chat room on the Otherworlders IRC Network with NiTessine of Worlds in a Handful of Dice years ago. We had discussed creating a sort of 'small town' adventure path sort of like the Castle Rock series from Stephen King. I feel that Country Values AP will do that. I put the basic synopses below in the bump-text, so try it out.



Country Values: An Adventure Path for levels 7-10.

Why do all adventures have to go on around epic locales and designer dungeons?  Country Values brings to you the small outlands of Sir Alder Smoker.  The people talk a little slower, live life a little easier, and you know just about everybody.  Country Values sets players on a rousing view of the mundane and the mystic, and help to provide a little bit of ‘different’ to your games.  While anyone could go around raiding some wicked necromancer’s lair, who does it after battling giant ants, bears with aspirations, or a battle against luncheon meats?  The Path can be separated into individual adventures and subsumed into your play, and hope to draw on a bit of that loved spice of adventuring found in older systems.  This is using a loose d20 model for its steps, and can fit into most versions thereof.  The Adventures also provide outlets for mercantile exchange and ideas in a fantasy setting.

A Taste of Honey and the Hornet’s Sting – An Challenging Adventure for Level 7.

Synopsis:  Children love Mammy Clari, and she loves them too.  For time immemorial Mammy Clari’s family has provided sweets and cakes for dances and weddings around the land.  Clari has sought out the adventurers for information regarding her eldest son who was when he went walkabout twenty years ago.  The players will come through the sweet and sour of a small town’s intrigue, letting go and holding on, and a bit of the savor of life.  This adventure is considered Challenging for Level 7 players, and is part of the Country Values Adventure Path.

This is the Church… and Sitting on the Edge of the Dark – An Challenging Adventure for Levels 7-8.

Synopsis: Sometimes a bit of time is all someone may need.  When he retired to the sleepy hamlets of Lord Smoker’s lands Elder Tyron knew that he would spend his time preaching his Faith and learning from the town’s folk how to walk closer to his God.  It was at the Festival of Candles that the Elder was found surrounded by a dozen of his parishioners with blood on his hands, and he has a week to prove his innocence or face Lord Smoker’s axe.  The adventure contains shades of grey and is a bit more morbid than others in the series, and should be played by mature players only.  Themes include history and its secrets, death and dying, and the toll of a wounded mind and body.

Small Town Time and Whistling in the Well – An Challenging Adventure for Levels 7-9.

Synopsis:  Sitting on a rocking chair whittling a toy or speaking of the Great Rains, many an old man can tell you of the powers of Small Town Time.  Old Jem Miller has spent half a century there, and can tell you a story if only you listen.  This adventure is quite psychedelic and deals with multiple themes that may warp one’s mind.  Themes include Time and Space, Life and its Importance, and the Value of giving in to destiny.

A Giant Among Men, Liars and Prophets – An Challenging Adventure for Levels 8-9.

Synopsis:  The Hinterlands are a place for woodwork and little whimsy.  On the outskirts there are men who claim to see legends wandering the forests, and an ancient evil may lead to learning about a past some would want to forget.  This Adventure is ‘linked’ to This is the Church and Small Town Time, so is best played as a ‘mini-path’ within the series.  The adventure continues some of the darkness of This is The Church, and is a basic adventure.

The King of Hams, the Lady of the Barrow, and the Golden Broom– An Challenging Adventure Arc for Levels 9-10.

Sir Alder Smoker is a merchant lord who lives on his family’s extensive lands in relative obscurity.  His cured meats and fine cheeses are the toast of the realm, and he has begun to expand into viniculture to combine with his love of brewing and meats.  Last season a blight seems to have befallen Sir Smoke’s food stores and he is looking for a solution to his troubles.  The players come to find a few things about Sir Smoke’s past, his family, and the surrounding bounty of the lands and the cost to maintain them.