Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Hundred: 4-5

แองเจิลป่นปี้, Shattering Angel.

Description: The sword's copper blade is shaped in a natural curvature similar to a blade of grass.  All edges are sharp, while the hilt is made up of rich red leather.  A fine silverwork guard in the shape of thorns falls, ending in a pommel of silver roses caging an enormous carnelian.

Provenance: The sword first entered into written history as part of a hoard of items found in the tombs beneath Primdeka during the Time of the Hidden Sun.  The weapon was given over to the Sorcerers Imperial and became a weapon of the Beloved, the official duelist of the Old Empire.  Before the War of the Pretender most minor conflicts were handled through trial by combat, and the lithe duelist, said to have been born of the union of a spirit and a pure priestess of the Dawn, used the item to deadly effect.

The blade was taken by an arcane warrior previously of the Ostari Rose off of the body of the Beloved.  When the Beloved's armor was removed upon death the body was dust, proving that the Beloved may have been a revenant in the service of the Old Imperium.

Abilities:  +1 lesser spirit bane Copper-bladed Schiavona (1h, d8, 18-20/x2, +1/d6 vs. spirits). The weapon grants the Arcane Channeling ability normally granted to Duskblades.  The blade's greatest gift is in its ability to penetrate a target's defenses.  If a critical hit is scored against a target the weapon is treated as having the Brilliant Energy enhancement towards that target.  This power lasts until the target dies or displaces itself from the plane of existence.

Degraded:  +1 Conductive Copper-Bladed Schiavona. The blade is etched from exposure to the elements, and the Carnelian within its pommel is cracked down the center. 

ขอทาน, Beggar.

Description: A large cudgel carved with the symbol of the Almsgiver, the head is loaded with a plug of lead in the top.  The bottom, when the weapon is swung or shook, makes the sound of tinkling coppers.

Provenance: Found by a beggar who stowed away on the ship, said to be passed down through various performers and beggars over the last five hundred years throughout the Horn.  Rumors of the item's provenance (it was gifted to the original Almsgiver, protector of the poor of the Imperial seat/a penance weapon shaped by a mage for a monk who had sworn poverty) are renowned, but its nature makes itself obvious only rarely due to its ability to cause severe distress to the beggar.

Abilities:  +2 Enhanced Club (d8 due to loading).  The item grants a +4 bonus to vocal Perform or Profession (Beggar) checks.  The item contains three ancient coins that can cause extreme generosity.  As a full round action make a Perform (Oratory), Perform (Comedy), Perform (Singing), or Profession (Beggar) check while tossing the coins on the ground.  Any creature within 20' must make a Will Save (DC: Perform Check -4) or begin to empty their pockets and purses.  This effect causes 50 coins/round to be thrown to the ground per individual, until their purses are empty or they pass the continuing 1/rd Will Save.  If the save is made before the beggar leaves the 20' radius the viewer lowers his attitude to you by 1 step.

Degraded: This weapon is Degraded.  No one knows what its original abilities were; however, the club seems to have been made of a broken staff as its capped bottom looks as if it may match another hollow staff.