Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Hundred 6-8

คำสั่งซื้อ, Order

Description: The blade stands as tall as a man with hand outreached, and bears the motto กฎหมายตรัสดังนั้น
The copper handle bears murals of skeletons dancing hand in hand.  If one looks closely the clothing that the skeletons  wear denotes their station.  Above all stands a single man in simple robes, a book clutched in his left hand and the sword cradled with the figure’s right. When wielded the bearer’s hands bleed from a thousand cuts.

Provenance: The blade known as Order, or Headsman’s Love, was the sword of execution in the Ostari Imperium.  It is said that the blade was corrupted by use in war, being born by the legendary warrior known as the Shade of the Iron Hills.  The blade was taken on the battlefield, and passed down through the hands of mighty Marsein warriors who served the Empire as the Libram, the ultimate justice and keeper of the Marsein tradition. The sword is now wielded by Tomas Houndsclaw, a brusque and brutal warrior raised to the post of Libram by the Hundred Lords.

Abilities: Order is a +2 Vicious Greatsword.  The blade balances the mind of the Libram, changing the wielder’s alignment to True Neutral. 

The blade is bound to the Hundred Lords by the ritual of Ascension.  If the Hundred Lords choose an individual to be executed for crimes against the Imperium, the blade is awakened to its purpose.  The weapon is imbued with the will of the Hundred Lords, and gains the vorpal ability against the sworn target.  This power tears at the soul of the Libram, as he is targeted with the effects of a curse to seek out the target or be damned for his failure.  If the Libram does not actively seek out the death of his target he suffers the effect of a  Geas spell.

Degraded:   If the blade is used to kill a member of the Hundred Lords without the consent of the Congress the blade becomes degraded, reverting to a +2 Vicious Greatsword until a new Libram is granted Ascension and bears the blade.

Երեխաների օրհնում Լույս (Blessed Child)

Description: A dagger made of obsidian bears the crest of the Four Shahs.  When held the blade is ice cold, though a magician is said to feel a life and vigor within the blade.

Provenance: Granted to the Ostarian Imperial Family as a gift from the Zajan Shahs of old, Blessed Child was the preferred weapon of the Sorcerer Imperial.  Upon the fall of the Silver Keep the Marsein Seeker Oul took it as her own and wore it throughout her time, protecting and serving the warriors of Marsein as a medic and midwife. Oul the Mother became a saint incarnate among the followers of the Marsein, surrounded by children who were said to be blessed by the gods and a sign of Oul’s favor.

When Oul died of old age during the Voyage the blade was given to the Circle, the children who had become Oul’s followers and served as competent healers and diplomats during the Voyage’s interactions with the various tribes and cultures they found during their sojourn.  When the Circle was broken for acts against the Empire the blade was lost to antiquity.

Abilities: The blade appears to be a finely-crafted obsidian blade (treat as masterwork keen) in most hands.  If wielded by a spellcaster the blade can serve as a protective shield.  If the wielder is reduced to half of their normal hit points the blade ‘steals’ the character’s highest spell slot to heal a xd8+x  where the X represents the level of spell cast.

The blade’s true blessing and curse is found in its hidden traits.  When wielded by a scion of royal blood the dagger produces its animus, a child dressed in beautifully crafted clothing.  The spirit is the shame of the Shahs, a sacrifice of royal blood made to appease a foul spirit.  If a child dies within sight of the wielder the child rises again within the day.  Treat these children as Aasimar.  Blessed Child is the only known source of Aasimar around the Horn.

Degraded:  If the blade is corrupted through killing one of the Blessed Children the blade shatters, and the animus known as the Child is released.  The Child is one of the Lost, and the resultant battle would be legend around the Horn.

หิน (Stone), also known as ไข่ของลืม (Egg of the Lost)

Description:  The item is said to be an emerald the size of a fist shaped in the form of a perfectly formed egg.
Provenance: Found in a pit mine in the reaches of Kuln, Stone was worn by a barbarian lord of the Mescari.  This lord, whose name is lost to history, became a cavalry lieutenant among the Paldo.  Revered for his power over his men, the Stone was lost during the Voyage when the aging lieutenant was dragged along with his steed into a pit by strange creatures gibbering and laughing.  The only survivor of the sortie was thrown overboard due to a fever that befell him and the fifteen men of his billet  who had remained behind.

Abilities: The Egg of the Lost’s powers are lost to the ages.  There are whispers that it could make a man the greatest leader of an Age, with powers beyond mortal ken.  Still others claim that it drives the wielder to insanity.  The item was brought into the lore of the Hundred due to its seemingly mystic properties. 

Degraded: Unknown.