Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Weapon Set: The Weapons of the Hundred Hands

So I'm running The Legendfall Campaignvia IRC that is a low-magic e6 Pathfinder campaign... And one of the things I've been playing with is the series of weapons related to the Hundred Hands. If you read the Campaign Thread the GSG thread with some of its history you'll see that the founder of two large Empires came from a culture controlled by a magocracy. In keeping with this theme I have begun writing up the Weapons of the Hundred Hands. These hundred (!) unique magic items will be weapons pilfered, rewarded, or otherwise obtained by the leaders of the hundred thousand warriors who came Across to Legendfall. So I've decided to start actually posting a few of these weapons here at the Blog.

I figure they will serve as nicely flavored weapons for campaigns from 1-9th that have powers that are a bit unique and could be useful. In essence these items are going to be the artifact weapons of the campaign, but will probably be a bit 'weak' for such things for most of your 'epic' level campaigns :). The weapons will also include 'degraded' versions, as the magic of the world has 'moved on' and some weapons may be found in a weakened condition from their original form. We use different languages and their alphabets for each culture, so each entry will be indicated with its 'unique' name, and then the name it is known by in Common.

 We'll start with three:

 นายพราน, or Huntsman

Description: This short sword is oddly balanced, almost as if made for a child. The scabbard is a very finely-grained leather that is covered in pastoral scenes of animals of the field. The blade is etched with a scene of men in noble dress. The guard is round, bearing the symbol of a fox being chased (or chasing) a hound, each with the other's tail in their mouth, while the hilt bears silver wrappings and small charms of a bird, a bear, and a hare.

Provenance: The item, once a ceremonial sword for the Prince of Ostaria, was found upon the Prince's body when the Royal family's grave was discovered. The weapon's full powers were only discovered twenty years After the Voyage when the item was granted to a Marsein outrider whose horse seemed to gain more intelligence than its owner. The item was reported lost at sea over half a century ago, but may be found anywhere along the ship's original voyage.

Abilities: +1 Short Sword of Animal Bane, allowing to cast Calm Animals 3/day. The Scabbard, when worn by an creature with the Animal type, Awakens the animal until the item is removed. Only one animal may gain the power of this ability at a time. If worn by a Ranger's Animal Companion the effective level of the Animal Companion increases to that of a Druid of the character's Ranger level. 

Degraded: +1 Sword Short, reduce Calm Animals to 1/day. Scabbard's abilities reduced to either Awaken, or Companion boost reduces to Druid -2.

ความลับเลดี้ or Lady's Secret

Description: A tasteful clutch purse embroidered in gold-thread has a ivory hoop hanging as a grip. This hoop is etched with an two beautiful nude women draped in cloth that changes from ivory to black as it twisted between their outstretched fingers. Though the sounds of jingling can be heard from within, the purse can be flipped inside and out without emptying.

Provenance: The last-ditch safety net of the Dowager Empress of Ostaria, Lady's Secret was passed down from daughter to mother in secret for over twenty generations of the Ostarian Dynasties. Bearing an erotic image of the two Daughters of the Sun (Dusk and Dawn, Palde M'ka and M'ta), it was originally a gift from the Fifth Emperor to his eldest niece upon her ascension to the seat of Protectress of Seaside. A woman of martial skill frowned upon for her manners at court, the item was to grant her a 'grace' she lacked, though later enhancements make it the item it is today. The bag was last seen as part of a ransom granted to the Paldo Empire from the Marseins for the return of a critical sea passage near the Northwestern Straits of the Horn.

Abilities: This item grants a +5 bonus to Diplomacy when wielded by a female bearer. The purse can be wielded as a sap, and seems strangely right for the job, providing a +2 to hits with the weapon. It's greatest gift, however, is its hungry maw ability. Whenever gems are placed into the item it becomes weighed with their full weight, making it a more effective sap. For every 2000 GP of gems placed within the bag the item gains a size category of damage, up to 3d6 at its greatest.

These gems disappear into the bag, only able to be removed in 3000 GP amounts by the person who placed the gems. If the item changes hands this effect must be repeated by the new bearer, and if even a single stone is placed within the bag by another all gems are lost. The item also removes all gold, silver, and platinum placed into the bag, but these items are lost into the maw of the bag unless the specific phrase to retrieve them is repeated.

The command word for this function has been forgotten to the ages. If the bag is somehow destroyed all items within are lost.

Degraded: The purse's Maw effect permanently devours all gems placed within and degrades to 5000 GP/size to a maximum of 2d6. The cloth degrades first, and if completely lost allows the grip to be used as a Bracelet of Diplomacy +5.

ฟันของสุนัข or Hound's Tooth

Description: The dagger's copper handle mimics a hound's howling visage, with two small tourmaline serving as the eye. When drawn from its simple rough cowhide sheath the wielder feels the grip thrum with power, and a strange wave of loyalty. 

Provenance: The copper-wrapped sheath hides its true material; the carved hipbone of a canine. Said to contain the spirit of a general's greatest hound, the blade has passed among assassins and bodyguards by nobleman who enjoy the attitude change and results gained by the blade.

Abilities: This dagger is treated as a Blessed Weapon able to bypass DR x/evil. The Tooth has a morphic ability, and once it tastes the blood of an enemy wishing its wielder harm gains the lesser bane ability associated with that creature (+1 to hit, 1d6 damage).

Employers enjoy the weapon for its ability to make its wielder docile. Every time the blade uses its morphic lesser bane ability, the wielder must make a Will save (DC: 13 + 1 per use within a month) or become unerringly loyal to anyone in command of the wielder. The wielder will put their "Master's" needs before their own, listening intently to their Master and accepting any instructions without question. This ability is treated as Charm Monster and any creature which would be immune to such an effect would be immune to this power.

Degraded: The copper handle has cracked, showing some of the bone beneath. The Will Save DC increases to (17 + 2), and the wielder becomes completely obsessed with its Master, to the point of fanaticism. Treat this ability as Dominate Person (CL 7). Hope you enjoy the items.