Thursday, May 24, 2012

D&D Next Playtest News!

D&D Next Playtests start today. Here's some of the sweet knowledge to get you revved up before play.

So I am REALLY excited to finally be getting my hot hands on the D&D Next playtest information and try it out with my group... What?  Have you missed what is going on? Well here's a few threads, blogs, and info dumps to get you all hot and bothered today.

ENWorld is going nuts of course.  Piratecat has posted the Guidelines for how things are running, and there are even some recruitment threads started .  

WotC users have compiled a LOT of information from the various ENWorld chatscripts on Next.  WAG is king of course, but we are looking at some tasty things ahead.  Not to be outdone the Kobold Quarterly has an interview with Mearls posted.

Over at Dread Gazebo the veil has been lifted, and some of the coolness in the early playtests is discussed.

You are probably in the Playtest and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the wait and the payoff (within the bounds of all agreements of course).  If you wish to swing by or email I'd love to hear from you here or over on the Forums.  

As Always,

Good Gaming.