Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heist! And Welcome RPGBA!

When we think of classic gaming scenarios we think of warriors slaying dragons, bringing down villains, and saving the +5 Girl with the Vorpal... eyes.  Yeah, let's go with eyes.  But personally?  What I have always wanted to do?

Above: One of my bucket list moments accomplished.

I want to pull a heist.  A heist that makes for an interesting turn.  And I don't think I'm alone . . . 

It is a hot-blooded male's desire to want to get into that sweet, filthy lucre hidden inside a big vault.  I've been thinking of the best ways to create a vault that is both all-purpose, keeps multiple threat levels out, and prevents your local rogues from being too uppity.

I think I have created a nice basic template, protecting against most threats, and providing a large space to contain everything your bank/treasury may need to contain.  Strangely enough the basic design came from studying a cheap pitcher I got to see when being visited by a friend.

The pitcher contains a small channel where you can place ice or other materials.

In this case we'll go with Cloudkill.

The Vault Itself:

  • 396000 (Adamantine Storage Spaces [Fancy, Shadow (12 hrs)/Ethereal Treated] 4 spaces
  • 30000 - Airtight
  • 180000 - 8 Killing Fog Veil (Exterior Walls)
SubTotal: 606000 GP.

And the 'inner vault':

  • 110000 - Storage Space - 1 Space, Adamantine (Fancy, Shadow 12 hrs/Ethereal Treated) 1 Space
  • 45000 - Killing Fogs Veil (Interior)

SubTotal: 155000 GP.

Total Costs (excluding locks and other materials): 761,000 GP.

Yes, it is expensive... But a bank that changes money, insures, and holds money with rights to reinvest the capital for interest can quite easily earn that sort of funding if they are working with any true amount of change.  A Royal Family, drawing from dozens of lower Lords and their countryside, would be able to sponsor a Vault of this type as an afterthought, and an intelligent Mage's Academy will have that money prepared toot sweet.

So what is the point of all that changing back and forth?

Well, imagine a pitcher.  During the day the 'inner vault' is cruising about in the Shadow, not linked to its mortal bonds.  The enormous vault can contain 12000 cubic feet of material.  That's around 5.9 million dollars... in pennies.

Try to dig up?  Meet with the exterior walls being treated with Cloudkill, sending a nice series of death-tendrils out to meet you.  The location is protected from gaseous form, teleportation, ethereal travel, shadow travels, etc.  And this giant vault will disappear to be impregnable somewhere in the Shadow, where you can always get some nice Umbral Banyans or other creatures to protect your location.

When your Shadowy vault moves to its home in the Dark and Spooky you now have your Inner Vault.  This probably appears after bank hours, and can (in theory) be accessed through the same methods as your normal vault.

Of course, the Interior Vault is filled with that nice Cloudkill effect.  Oops.  You can store items in this Night Vault for those who may not be able to access them during the Day, and the Constitution damage is not going to affect undead.  The Night Vault can be protected by the undead or constructs, and keep the nasties away.

In theory this vault seems pretty secure, and I would love to hear your specific heist stories or ways around the vault's defense.  If you have further questions regarding your world and the Economy of it I also do occasionally accept requests.

I would also like to welcome the RPG Blogger's Alliance!

The wonderful guys and gals over at the RPGBA have opened their hearts and feeds to me, and I hope to provide some interesting content on the GGB to the huddled masses yearning for interesting stuff.

As Always,

Good Gaming.