Sunday, May 20, 2012

The History of Dice is Awesome!

As a History buff I love seeing our hobby in the light of the Humanities.  From the works of MAR Barker making one of the coolest settings of all time through his knowledge of language and culture, to books like the Magical Medieval Society guides, we all have our geek flags fly in our own ways.

But what about the most important tool we have in our arsenal?

Not Mountain Dew.

No, not Gamer Grub either.

Yes... Yes... There we go.  Dice are the lifeblood of our culture. We live by our d4s and d20s, but who knows the history of these dice?

The Awesome Dice Blog has looked into it.  While some of you probably know them from their cool little pieces of dice jewelry, they also have compiled a nice chart showing the History of Dice!  Thanks to Grognardia for making me aware of this great chart.  Some highlights from the chart:

The Mahabharata contains the first written record of dice.  I was aware of the text, and really would have to suggest it to anyone looking for an epic from a sadly ignored culture.  It also makes for a hell of a boardgame according to the Signe of the Frothing Mug.

But seriously, check these links out as they provide for some fascinating Sunday reading.

As Always,

Good Gaming.