Sunday, May 20, 2012

Iron DM over at ENWorld

So ENWorld has an Iron DM competition happening right now, and I am hoping to hear back about acceptance.  I have always enjoyed the Iron GM  competition, and really am glad to see that I might be able to open up to the a bit of a microtradition over on one of the great RPG boards of our time.

I will be posting my notes here for the Iron DM if I am finally accepted, and hope to have you swing by for moral support.

I have been working on bank security... Later today I hope to make the Magic Version of This:

With more dangerous means of course.  I have written up a Great Vault, with a lot of magic behind it... But I think we can do better.  After all, the various Mages and Guilds must have good safe storage.

As Always,

Good Gaming.