Friday, May 18, 2012

Market Generator!

So along with my random weather generator I have created a handy Market Price Generator xls for any trading based group or game.  In essence this chart provides a nice handy spreadsheet to randomly generate current market prices in a city.  It is pretty easy to use; just go the location marked 'Sausage Factory', input the location's Maximum GP, and let the system do the walking.  I've run a few hundred iterations and, despite the occasional wonky presentation under the hooks and random chance location it seems to generate a nicely self-identifying shift in market values.

Currently I have made market values vary pretty wildly; however, if you have basic EXCEL knowledge just change the appropriate numbers and you will be good to go!  This chart allows you to know the current sales price of an item (rather than just 'half value') and purchase price of equipment!  It does have a tendency to swing above 100%, but this is intentional.

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