Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prataferro: Cicatrizada, Scarred Lady of the Hall of Beautiful Agonies

Meet Lady Cicatrizada, youngest of the Quicksilver and leader of the Hall of the Beautiful Agonies.

Lady Cicatrizada, the Scarred Star, is one of the Quicksilver Ladies of Prataferro and the Mistress of the Hall of Beautiful Agonies.  Chosen by the Collector and Its agent known as Primeira Escuridao, the Lady commands the Fragile Ones, powerful warrior-witches of the Hall.

Cicatrizada appears as she did in life, at 5'4" with a waifish boy-like body and the markings of her Choice.  The Lady bears the marks of scarification, said to be part of ancient rituals she has learned through travels in her early days as a a member of the Quicksilver.

Cicatrizada, born Lady Pintara Estrela, is one of the youngest of the Quicksilver at just over two centuries.  Chosen directly by the Escuridao for her beauty, the Lady was skilled in the arts of body and spirit.  Sold to the Temple of the Masked as a courtesan, Cicatrizada destroyed the worship of the Masquerade in her first century, using a horde of Miseravel and her army of sworn Beauties to scatter the religion of the Masques to the four winds.

The Star claims maidens who are murdered from around the region surrounding the Hall for her purposes.  Using the powers granted by the Collector she raises her Beauties into an order of powerful witches in service to the Collector and his needs.  The fair girls, chosen for beauty and bearing, choose to turn the power of their femininity into a weapon, using corrupted forms of the litany of the Masquerade to empower themselves through the flesh of their lovers.  The Beauties number one score at any time, and are replaced when their beauty wanes in their Second Life, cast down for their great Debts into the ranks of the Miseravel.

Cicatrizada controls the Hall and its tutelage, where many men and women send their girls as maidens to learn the Arts as the Beauties train.  Courtesans, skilled diplomats, and powerful witches are trained within the Hall, and its bone-white walls are said to hold the screams and whispers of thousands of women trained to the Art.  The Lady does not trust any men within the Hall save those who are trusted and the Lords, though some servants have chosen to become Eunuchs to serve their Lady.

Hope you enjoy this first entry in the ranks of the Quicksilver.  If you have further questions feel free to comment or send me an email via my name at  Check out the great art of Pendawg at Deviant Art; this picture was definitely the inspiration to post the first of the Lords and the rest of their portfolio is equally amazing.

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