Thursday, May 31, 2012

(Prataferro) The Desprezivel, the Insignificant Host.

"Do not look upon my warriors with praise or blame.  They are the insignificant, the iron of the Silver.  Instead look upon your own meager creatures, those you bought at Auction.  They serve you, but do they know their service?  My warriors were born to the sword, and expect no Rising."
-The Elephant of Viridi-Plectre, Servant of the Quicksilver Lords.

All men pay their price, but some few souls are born without debt to the Collector.  Through strange happenstance these children, unmarred by the Choice, have slipped through the cracks.  Known as the Desprezivel, these warriors are coins in the coffers, the beloved warriors of the Quicksilver Lords and their chattel keepers.  But what duties do the Insignificant Host provide and why do they exist?

The Host battles the Risen, those who are purchased at Soul Auctions to fight the wars of noble and king alike, and put down uprisings of the like.  Trained to battle the undead, the Desprezivel find themselves unaffected by the Miseravel or the other beasts in the Collector's hold, and while blood pumps through their veins it is a strange ichor, providing them with strength in body and spirit to fight the forces of those who control their prey.

In short they are unknowable protectors from what Lies Beyond.

When I began writing Prataferro I wanted to create logical groups for the betterment of each society.  As the Collector's minions need fear a day when some upstart hires off an army large enough to give them pause there must be some sort of specific protection from these things that go bump in the light.  The Desprezivel are just that.

The Insignificant are the Khampa of Prataferro.  Trained in the care of the retainers of the Lords they live to serve, believe in no true honorifics, and are strong, bold, and loyal.  They live in any environment without complaint, but have an inborn fear of crossing water.  This fear is brought about by the nature of the curse that makes them what they are.

The Desprezivel are the progeny of the Undying.  Genetic hiccups from before the Choice, the men are
a type of cambion between humanity and their most primitive dark ancestors.  They are part revenant, and because of the nature of their souls they are corrupted beyond the hold of the Collector and Its agents.

My next article will cover the pre-Choice days of the continent of Prataferro, and will branch out into the lands of Novalem, the New Beyond.  Hope to hear your comments; as always I am available here, at ENWorld, or through my email at this name at

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