Monday, May 21, 2012

(Prataferro) The Miseravel

Jarlo ran down the winding streets of Elm, seeking any respite. The dawn had brought their notice in writing only he could see, and the debt will be paid. He had been running for hours, seeing their ragged robes, smelling their coppery breath. 

They descended on him. He could not run. The creatures, faceless figures in rags, their long fingers, their coppery breath... 

They gathered in the streets to watch him turn. They threw rags, speaking blessings for the dead, blessing for themselves, prayers for their own release.

Miseravel, also known as Ragmen or the Bankrupt, were once men. Said to have appeared during the Early Ages, the Ragmen serve as agents of the Debt, implacable in their seeking of those who have attempted to shirk their Debt. Each Miseravel was once human, but they are all of the same size and shape, faceless. Some say that they smell of blood, but they do not exsanguinate their victims. Rather, the Miseravel draw out all of the minerals from the body, turning the target into one of their own and taking a lump of copper, iron, and calcium known as a soulcoin from the victim.

The demineralization attack of the Miseravel explains their faceless nature. The true body of the Miseravel is said to be an oily, leather mass, which the Ragmen wear over skeletons that are gathered from boneyards or crude mannequins. The creatures can thus fit through cracks, lintel, and rathole to retrieve their prey. The Miseravel forced to leave its frame moves just as quickly, so no one knows why they creatures choose to take on the facade of a human form.

The Miseravel are said to be repulsed by the touch of cold iron, and when injured by such an item smoke and hiss. It is a rare occasion when a Miseravel comes alone, however, few have made attacks as their targets seem to be consumed by fear and frozen to the spot when viewing the Miseravels as they stalk them.