Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things I'm Learning Under Analysis, and Light Reading

My gods... this Economy Thread seems to have some legs, and I've been getting some emails on various projects.  The Thread and Comments are the best places to post, and I'm not looking to rebuild ALL of your economic models... I'm just providing you the basics in which to work, and letting you run with it.

First I would like to say that this Model relies on the feeding off of DND's unique economic model.  While I am definitely working within some of my own assumptions (the sink of Maintenance of Property, for example) I think that people are really enjoying a bit more of a realistic portrayal of how Money works in DND.  And there hasn't been a lot of anger over the whole maintenance and 'taxes' idea (though we haven't gotten into it for adventurers just yet...)

Though the other constant is a bit harder to swallow.

I really do like the idea of showing that we can embrace the idea of verisimilitude and the current economy to actually create a delicious mix.  Like Peanut Butter and jelly, Nutella and Peanut Butter... Well, I guess I have shown my favorite food then :).

Some of these ideas are being explored in my New Setting Writeup, and Prataferro is getting some interest and some hate.  I've had comments on how the setting is an interesting take, and I do have to agree even if it is patting myself on my broad back.  

Anyways... What has gotten me thinking like a nerd recently?

Well, until we meet again.

Good Gaming.