Saturday, June 9, 2012

D&D Next: Test the Math, Not Your Feelings

There has been a lot of discussion of D&D Next and its various nuances ever since the playtest materials have arrived in our hot greedy hands.  And the reactions have been heartfelt.

Which is exactly what we do not need for a new game system.  We try to second-guess a system that has no currently established maths because of the need to provide proof.

When I generate a wild-ass guess on a new system I like having a nice baseline for what I'm creating.  And my favorite way to generate this baseline is randomizing thousands of repeatable results.  It's my own backwater statistics program, and I would suggest anyone who is running Next to just test the system without prejudice and let the math run...

I ran my mouth off on some numbers for a new way to determine Hide and Spot checks in a thread over on ENWorld...

My basement is much nicer than most... Bookkeeper by tracyjb on deviantart
And generated a Full Spreadsheet for the system.  Now I have actual evidence of how the system works, with a full interpretation of the ruleset to be presented.  And you can do the same for any form of any encounter, ability, or system you wish to test!

Please guys... If you want to learn about a system that requires randomization, use randomization.  A simple Excel sheet and a few hundred iterations of randomization will show exactly where the 'sweet spot' of the numbers lie... As long as you are willing to look for it.

As Always.

Good Gaming.