Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Economy of D&D: The Manor Generator

So you liked The Lord and His Manor?  Now look at the numbers without having to do the maths.

So apparently the readers of the Blog have enjoyed the writeup on the Lord and his Manor... It has risen up the charts as one of the most popular articles on the site.  I know you like the idea of knowing how the math of the Manor works...

But what about being able to NOT do the math alone?  Well, that is where the Manor Generator comes in.  After a few weeks of working with the Generator's basic math I've come up with a simple version that covers the upkeep of a Manor and the actual available cash.  Due to its scaling nature the Manor Generator can actually be used for an entire kingdom... Or just the small little household of your local lord.  Wanna know if it makes sense for the Baron to have some well-outfitted men at arms (or golems to replace them)?  Now you can.

The Manor Generator is for personal use only, and may be distributed for non-commercial personal use.  If you have any questions regarding the Generator feel free to shoot me an email at gmail.com or a reply right here.

As Always,

Good Gaming.