Friday, June 15, 2012

Folklore Friday Finished?

No, but this week just got hit with a wonderful wipe.  So I will instead discuss something new on the horizon.

Apparently Blogger has decided to eat about a week's worth of posts... Which I did not back up.  I was young, trusting, and did not notice until I saw the pageviews from yesterday and looked into my posts.

Sadly I am somewhat busy this week so retyping up the Folklore Friday post on Golems will take until next Friday, and I will have the next installment of Secrets of the Green up for you this weekend.  Until then, please check out three interesting geek loving posts that I have been running in my mind for the last twenty four hours:

As we discussed model-building, let us observe a man who has been playing the god of an alternate reality for 40+ years strictly using his own fantastic map.

Meet Jerry.  He is a god among homebrew designers... Or should be. His blog is a tale of mapmaking, recreation, and the intense insane focus of a man who loves his self-created world and all of its peoples.

(Thanks to Greyhawk Grognard for the peek into the mind of a mapmaking divinity).

Gnome Stew has one of the more interesting takes on DM'ing I've seen in awhile, interpreting Pixar's 22 Story Basics (Pt. 1 & 2).  I love the guys over at GS for the interesting tidbits like this... And really, really wish I had contributors so I could keep up with this multipost daily schedule.

See? 3 Articles for the price of 1!  Again: Lesson learned, don' trust Blogger for backups, and we will have the adventure parts posted soon.

Good Gaming.