Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Iron Reforged Pt. 5: The Aftermath, and the Ball of Bravos

This section covers the basics of what occurs after the Spectacle, and the Ball of Bravos mechanics.

If the Toads are defeated or the living spell dispelled before they can defeat more than half of the involved humans the party gains 5 Favor.  If the party contains any outbreaks of flames treat the Favor gains 1 favor per 20*20 space saved (burning takes 10 rds/10’ square, same rules as tents in random encounter #6 in section 4.  The Ladies in their wisdom decide to keep the Tourney going but decide to investigate further.  If the players decide to go after the cause of these events they will the mages involved in a stupor, viewing a small dancing figurine.  

The figurine, made of the same material as the leather-and-bark doll from the forest adventure.  This figurine, shaped in the form of a small grandmotherly crone, has clothes that are threaded with silver and rubies.  A knowledge Arcana check (DC: 24) shows it is a sympathetic object, more than likely used as the anchor for the ensuing spell misfire.  It is under a cloud of suspicion two days after the event that the Ball of Bravos occurs.

The day of the Ball players who have earned invitations to Lady Hawken’s chambers are served a fine meal and given a chance to discuss any of the events they have seen and wounds they have suffered.  If the party has an overall Favor above 20 the Lady offers the services of her staff to the party in the bathing, clothing, and preparations for the event.  The Lady’s gift provides a +2 bonus to all checks made during the Ball for interactions to gain Favor.

The Ball is held under tight scrutiny, and the Widows Hawken are careful to prevent weapons, wands, or other possible offensive items from entering into the soiree.  A meeting place for those to participate in the Tourney, the Ball is a great location to introduce new and interesting adventure hooks, as fifty men hoping to be drawn for the Tourney have gathered to swap tales of scars, scrapes, and superstitions from a dozen lands. 

Rules of the Ball:
Each noted Guest has a specific DC attached to their interactions.  Impressive tales or actions can be brought forward by what the DM deems an appropriate check.  Each success yields 1 Favor.  If the DC is beaten in any one skill, the next use of that ability (on any target) boosts the DC by +2.  

The Smiling Karisan: An old man in a beautiful suit of gaudy patchwork, the Karisan (a term for duelist in a land where clan disputes are solved through trial by combat), the Karisan wears his suit as a sign of the clansmen he has defeated during his time serving the warlord known as the Rain Emperor.  There are a few Karisan among the people of Fiddler’s Crown, as the late Lebre Green-Cup spent a few years among the clans of the far-off land.  (Rise of the Seventh Thane).  The Karisan has come to beg aid for his people against a coming prophecy.

The Karisans live in a society that finds the hunt and single combat to hold primacy.  Tales of valor against a foe in single combat charm the Karisan (DC: 22).

Lord Arlin of Greysky Keep: The favorite after Sir Filo’s imprisonment, the black-suited young noble speaks in a dour tone.  His knowledge of spirits and their ilk are well known, as he rules the lands of Greysky Keep, known as the Village of Spirits.  If viewed with anything that detects spirits Lord Arlin is surrounded by two men dressed in the same manner wearing the noose they hung by around their necks.  Lord Arlin’s estates are in disarray, but he will invite the players to come to his keep if ever they need assistance, for a night to never be forgotten (The Tale of the Veiled Lady). 

If a party member has earned the Widow Ruiva’s daughter’s hand to attend the party Arlin will grant them respect and explain that his condition prevents marriage to someone as beautiful as the young Lady Hawken.  Lord Arlin enjoys tales of spirits, demons, and individuals with knowledge of the worlds after, but he is very well-versed in the worlds beyond.  (DC: 24).

The Wanderer: A priest of the gods of travel and adventure, the Wanderer comes in his simple homespun robes and drinks and carouses as hard as any.  Up for a philosophical conversation, the Wanderer knows of a treasure hidden in the sounds off of an island in the seas off Rockston (A Case of Crabs and Daggers).  The Wanderer enjoys tales well told of the road and secret places along it (DC: 22).

Master of Mirth:  Normally behind the scenes, the Master is decked out in all of his finery, a crisp robe with the symbol of his service (a sash decorated with the three lady hawks of House Hawken) across his chest.  The Master, once a warmage, enjoys tales of war and trickery told with style and skill (DC: 24).

Lord Malmsey:  Will be delighted (passed requirements for the Frogs/Living Spell incident) or disappointed.  His cask has been draped in finery, and he is willing to discuss boring topics with the party.  He specifically enjoys discussions of magic theory, exploration, and architecture due to his past-times before his ‘condition’ prevented further study (DC: 25).  Lord Malmsey, if a member secures three successes, offers to assist in the creation of a magic item for the party member (10% off costs).

Lady Loira: The lady has her beautiful hawk upon her shoulder and feeds the bird meat given to her by her handmaiden.  Still glorious in her middle age, flattery, tales of sport and hunting, and discussions of the politics of the Kingdom intrigue her (DC: 20).  If a party member succeeds on five consecutive checks with Lady Loira they find an invitation to her chambers provided by her handmaiden presented during the night.

The ball is meant to be a social function, and the players may earn favor through their interactions.  If the party seeks out trouble they will find it; the Bravos are not all kind, and will be happy to be challenged.  If the players start a battle they will find one forthcoming, but face a loss of 10 favor for bringing such a skirmish to the House.

Several hours into the Ball Lady Ruiva is notified of the attempted escape of Sir Filo.  She leaves the festivities, which may be noticed by the party (DC: 19).  If the party follows use the next presented section (The Jailbreak).  If they fail to notice, use the section (Sir Filo’s Escape).