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Prataferro: Primeira Escuridao, the First Darkness/Lady of Misery

Meet Primeira Escuridao, the First Darkness, The Balance, the shapeshifting right hand of Collector on Prataferro

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"Her beauty belies his pain, his soul is her charity twisted to Its will, Its form is immutable as their handling"
- Limping Silver, Mage of the Great Order

The First is the mutable leader of the Quicksilver Lords.  The claims behind the First's appearance seem to vary with every viewer; some claim a beautiful woman carved from ebony draped in the dress of the hinterland tribes of the Unseen, while others claim a spritely man who smiles with the sharpened teeth of a bravo of the Iron City.

A hundred appearances could be credited to the Darkness, but no one claims to peg down its true form save for Loucura Evra'Moura, who in his Annals of the First claims the Darkness as:
(A) formless void, a hundred smiling faces reaching out from an abyssal mass of black tendrils and the hate of a million doomed tribals who first made our Choice.

The legends surrounding the First range across the continent of Prataferro.  Some claim the First was the child chosen to accept the Choice among all of the Elders, while others claim the First to be the Courtier of the Collector, and the actual creature to present the Choice to the Elders.  Still others claim the First came before or after the Change, and its nature makes it inscrutable to seers of the Unseen Tribes or the Crystalline Horde alike.   For the purposes of discussion we will focus on the appearance of Primeira Escuridao in her shape as the Lady of Misery.

As the Lady of Misery Primeira serves the Collector as a destructive force.  She dresses in simple robes of noil fabric, and walks through the heat of Terraquente or the blizzard winds of the mountains surrounding the nine fortresses of the Sangui Carvao. She speaks through her interpreter, the large beast known as Cão preto, the Black Dog.  Another shapeshifter, the Dog walks alongside its mistress and seems to hold a place of primacy among her minions, which include most of those who have learned the ways of shapechanging outside of the Unseen Tribes.

Her enemies consist of the Unseen Tribe known as Cair Estrela, the powerful skinwalkers who wander the mists of the Unseen to protect the Tribes from Miseravel and Order mage alike.  The Cair Estrela have waged war against the Lady since before the Raising of the Veils, and it is said that when the Elders of the Falling Stars come to the Land of Iron and Silver again the Lady will be cast down from her throne and the Debt will be broken until the end of days.  

Primeira Escuridao, along with Sombra, are the only known Lords who have Chosen new Lords and Ladies.  Sombra, the castle-sized Lord of Shades, sends many of his pawns against the Darkness, though whether they are in open conflict or simply testing each other to keep their powers sharp is unknown.  They each have their own warriors, shunning the Miseravel as 'thralls to the Mother', and choosing to elect others to their service.  The Darkness's warriors, known as the Ocohomen, wander the world in unknown service, their bodies borne up by a strange encircling mist that is said to be fascinating or devastating to those touched by it.

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